Pricing strategies

People expect internet access to be available, and many perceived it as an advantage to offer it for free. We believe that offering for free access mixed with higher quality non free access maximises revenue and the quality of your offering.

With AmazingPorts you can offer free access to your clients, while charging others!

The Free scenario

A venue that wish to advertise free internet access, normally let all users share the available bandwidth, resulting in periods of congestion and slow service.

With AmazingPorts Access controller manageing users, you can create a layered service, that enables you to offer free access while improving the over all user experience.

An example of such a set-up would be to configure:

  1. Top priority to VoIP calls
  2. Second priority to E-mail and Web browsing
  3. All other traffic

With this set-up, you can ensure reasonable service even with high load and many users, effectively avoiding the congestions that occur with ordinary systems.

The Free + premium service scenario

Offering free internet access to all users does not prevent a venue from generating revenue out of their investment in WiFi hotspots and broadband connectivity. Actually a growing number of users are aware of the impact of service levels in networks. And are prepared to pay for a premium service even when a free "general" service is available.

We suggest the following priority groups in a scenario where free access is mixed with a premium offering

  1. Top priority to VoIP calls of premium customers
  2. Second priority to E-mail and Web browsing of premium customers
  3. All other traffic from premium customers
  4. All traffic from non premium customers

This way of configuring your network gives your premium customers excellent service while the free offering is still available for users will lesser quality demands.

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